Black garlic: In bulb or peeled cloves

Is peeled clove or black garlic bulb better?

We receive many questions through our website, about whether it is better to consume black garlic in bulb or peeled clove and that is why I want to explain the differences.

When it comes to making black garlic, the process is identical: fermentation at different temperatures and humidity for 35/40 days; it is true that the processing time varies from one to the other.

Black garlic bulb

The process is faster in the bulb than in the peeled tooth. This is because the skin of the bulb facilitates the fermentation of the garlic into black garlic, speeding up the process.

The skin itself also helps the result to be sweeter than the peeled clove.
The main difference is when it comes to eating it: the skin of the bulb, due to the production process it undergoes, dries out a lot and when it comes to peeling it, the matter is complicated by the amount of “husk” that is produced.

Peeled cloves of black garlic

On the other hand, it is easier to follow the process visually in the case of the peeled tooth, as it is impossible to observe the tooth through the skin and therefore the final completion of the process than in the case of the peeled tooth, which can be observed from beginning to end as it ferments and darkens throughout the process.

Ultimately, which one do we choose?

Well, the correct answer is it depends, we know it is not the answer you were looking for, but it is the reality.

To choose the right format for this exquisite food, you must be clear about what the culinary purpose is going to be, or even how the dish you are going to prepare will be best presented.

From Bonrostro black garlic we urge you to try both formats and for this we have launched an offer where for the purchase of a 400 gram jar of Bonrostro black garlic peeled clove, we will give you a box with two heads of Bonrostro black garlic bulbs, so that you can draw your own conclusions.

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