About black garlic

Black garlic is obtained by subjecting fresh garlic to a natural maturing process. To obtain this, it is placed in a fermentation cabinet and subjected to specific temperatures and humidity. The process is slow, without any kind of additive. This procedure makes the garlic acquire that taste, texture and colour that represent it, having this way a soft flavour, with liquorice and prune tones that make it not to repeat and leave bad breath. Besides multiplying by ten those of common garlic, the properties of black garlic are many more. It is a totally natural and above all delicious way of strengthening our immune system by boosting our defences.

Propiedades del Ajo negro
The benefits of consuming black garlic are many, as there are 20 amino acids left in nature, this one contains 18, of which 8 are fundamental for our daily diet. It has a high zinc content and contains "a-alyl-l-cysteine" which are good for fighting depressive states, cleansing the blood, eliminating cholesterol and lipids. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. With 5 times more allicin than normal garlic, it is a great support in the fight against free radicals, with antitrammel effects, cleans the arteries and prevents diabetes