ALLIUMSOMA S.L. undertakes to deliver the products purchased by the user within a maximum period of 72 hours from the sending of the order confirmation email. The delivery will be made to the address designated by the user (buyer) on the order form, who will be responsible for any error on the form that prevents the correct delivery of the products.
Withdrawal and return of products
The buyer may withdraw from the contract, at any time and for any reason, within seven days of receipt of the product. To this end, he must contact, within this period, the owner of the website, either via the email address in order to notify him of his wish to withdraw from the contract and he must proceed to send the goods to the postal address: ALLIUMSOMA S.L. in Parque Científico Tecnológico de Córdoba, Edificio Aldebarán M4-6, 14014 Córdoba immediately and in their original packaging. The shipping costs generated as a result of the return by withdrawal will be charged and paid by the buyer in all cases. Once the goods have been received, their condition will be checked and the price of the products will be returned only if the returned items are in perfect condition. The return of the price of the returned products will be made within ten days of receipt of the goods and once the condition of the goods has been checked.
In the event that the articles purchased are in poor condition or are defective, or the package is damaged or in poor condition, the buyer must contact ALLIUMSOMA S.L. within 24 hours of receiving the product, communicating this circumstance to ALLIUMSOMA S.L. either by telephone, email or through the contact form, who will make the appropriate arrangements to replace it with a new one without any additional charge or for the refund of the purchase amount and shipping costs if applicable within a maximum period of ten days. In this case, the shipping costs generated as a result of the return of the defective product will be assumed by ALLIUMSOMA S.L. The products are always sent perfectly packaged, so that if the package is received damaged, broken or defective, the buyer must state this on the delivery note and notify the seller within the time and manner indicated above in order to be compensated within a maximum of ten days from the return of the product.