The price of the articles will be at all times as established on this website. The price is set in euros and includes VAT, but does not include the cost of shipping the product. Said shipping costs will be added at the time of formalising the order, and will be included in the total cost of the order and may vary depending on the weight, size or number of products purchased.
To formalize the payment, once the data of the order form has been filled in with the products you want to purchase, it will be necessary to authorize the payment for the total amount of the purchase (including VAT and shipping costs), by credit card or Paypal. They are accepted as VISA, MASTER CARD, 4B, MAESTRO 4B cards. Once payment has been made, ALLIUMSOMA S.L. will send an email to the buyer (user) confirming the order and informing them of the delivery time. In the event that the payment is not formalised (either due to an error on the website, or because the payment is not authorised by the Bank), it will not be possible to complete the contract, and no obligation may arise for the owner of the website, as the order is not understood to have been placed by the user.