Black garlic cream terrine

Bonrostro black garlic cream terrine. Available in 150 g and 600 g packs.

6,5522,55 IVA Incl.


  • 100% natural product. No additives or preservatives. Just our whipped black garlic (90%), citric acid and water.
  • Easy to use. Instant hot or cold use in the different stages of your preparations.
  • All the properties of our natural black garlic that provide important benefits to our organism.
  • Delicious. It brings a unique subtle flavour to personalise a juice, a sauce or a cream, giving it a touch of originality.
  • Recyclable packaging in pet jar with aluminium lid. Natural product in 100% recyclable packaging

Black garlic cream is made only from whipped Bonrostro black garlic, citric acid and water.

It can be used as a spread, in any dish or recipe… Whenever and however you want.

Thanks to the natural maturation of this garlic, it has 5 times more allicin than ordinary garlic, making it a powerful antioxidant. It improves blood circulation and the immune system, has diuretic, depurative, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, eliminates lipids and cholesterol, purifies the blood, protects the heart and combats stress and depression.

It contains 18 of the 20 naturally occurring amino acids that help us to have energy.

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