Black garlic salt: Discover it

Salt is indispensable for life, but it is also very bad for your health if consumed in excess, which is where our black garlic salt comes in.

  • We need small amounts of salt for the body to function properly and it is essential for vital processes such as:
  • Controlling the amount of water in the human body, maintaining the pH of the blood.
  • Regulating body fluids.
  • Help the body stay hydrated by introducing water into the cells.
  • Helping to transmit nerve impulses and muscle relaxation.

How much salt do we consume?

Due to the food preservation properties of salt and the current indiscriminate use of salt by the food industry, our salt consumption is much higher than what is needed for good health.

Due to the food preservation properties of salt and the current indiscriminate use of salt by the food industry, our salt consumption is much higher than what is needed for good health.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international health institutions recommend for the general population with a healthy lifestyle and without prolonged exertion, an average consumption of 5g of salt per day, which is equivalent to one teaspoon of full teaspoon of salt (coffee size) or 2g of sodium per day and is guaranteed to be iodised salt*.

– Salt = sodium x 2.5 (To calculate the salt content of a food, multiply the grams of sodium indicated on the label by 2.5).

In Spain, current data published by AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition) on the salt consumption of the Spanish population indicate that 9.8g of salt is ingested per day, which is much higher than the recommended amount. To achieve this target of 5g/day, the current salt intake needs to be almost halved.

Black garlic salt

Salt with black garlic We at Bonrostro wanted to make our contribution to eliminating some of the salt we consume in a healthy way: by combining salt with black garlic.
Yes, you read that right: salt with black garlic, exactly 30% of our delicious black garlic mixed with 70% natural Atlantic salt, without any colouring, anti-caking or preservatives. All natural.

With this mixture, in addition to eliminating 30% of salt intake, we manage to ingest 30% of black garlic with all the good contributions it makes to our health, and provide an exquisite taste to the different dishes in which we use salt with black garlic.

Our black garlic salt, as well as being totally natural and healthy, is the perfect complement not only for our dishes, but also for our health.

The salt we use in our mixture is from the Atlantic and totally natural, it has not undergone any type of treatment, as certified by our supplier:

“The products it manufactures and markets come from the evaporation of seawater. By its very nature, it is 100% natural sea salt, free by its very nature from and/or the addition of additives”.

And what about the properties of Bonrostro black garlic, made from fresh garlic subjected to a variable temperature and humidity, free of any additives.

black garlic bonrostro. The benefits of consuming black garlic are many, as of the 20 amino acids found in nature, it contains 18, of which 8 are essential for our daily diet.

It has a high zinc content and contains “a-allyl-l-cysteine” which is good for depression, cleanses the blood, removes cholesterol and lipids.

It also contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties. With 5 times more allicin than normal garlic, it is a great support in the fight against free radicals, has anti-free radical, anti-strombolic effects, cleanses the arteries and prevents diabetes.

Perfect pairing of salt with black garlic

While it is true that black garlic salt can be used with any food/cooking recipe, there are some dishes in which its wonderful flavour is enhanced.


Combining a good piece of toast with olive oil (preferably virgin olive oil), scrubbed tomato and salt with Bonrostro black garlic is the perfect combination to start the day.

If you are more fond of spreading butter instead of oil, try adding black garlic salt to the butter and you will be surprised by the taste.


A simple “potatoes a lo pobre” (with its onion and pepper) made without salt and once they have been served, add salt with black garlic, you will be surprised by the wonderful flavour it brings.

Grilled chicken with black garlic salt and grilled pineapple slices… Easy, isn’t it? Delicious and healthy at the same time.

Try it with any grilled meat or fish. The black garlic salt gives it that “touch” that makes the flavour different.


Any nutritionist would advise us to have a light dinner, and what better than a good salad dressed with a good olive oil, vinegar and black garlic salt. For the sublime taste of a light dish.

So don’t hesitate any longer and get ready to try Bonrostro black garlic salt. Include this different ingredient in your meals from today, visit our shop and choose one of the formats.


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